Thermacore Door Systems

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Overhead Door’s exclusive Thermacore series is the industry’s premier insulated sectional door and the ideal choice in applications where thermal efficiency, air infiltration and strength are paramount. The insulation is a rigid, foamed-in-place polyurethane core that is free of ozone-damaging CFC’s. A laminated metal-foam-metal sandwich construction results in R-values of up to 17.50 and produces a lightweight door of exceptional strength and durability. Outstanding air infiltration ratings are achieved through superior engineering and construction. Other energy efficient features include bottom seals, between section seals and thermal breaks constructed of EPDM rubber to prevent heat or cold conductivity between the internal and external steel skins. The Thermacore Series includes medium, heavy and extra-heavy duty doors. Maximum widths are 40′2″, heights 32′1″. See more at Overhead