Dock Levelers


Mechanical Dock Levelers

The NORDOCK® Constructor™ Series of Mechanical Dock Levelers are designed exclusively for the construction industry offering a quality, affordable and easy-to-install dock leveler in capacity ratings from 25,000 – 45,000 Ibs. The levelers standard features include welded structural side guards, security night locks, ergonomic walk-down lip extension and comes with two heavy-duty dock bumpers. The open-frame design provides easy cleaning of the pit area. The Constructor™ Series Levelers also include our exclusive “Guaranteed to Outperform” Warranty.

No compromise construction for optimum performance

Hydraulic Dock Levelers

The NORDOCK HEAVY-DUTY™ Series Hydraulic Dock Levelers are the ultimate in strength, convenience and reliability. The platform is a unitized welded structure with continuous welds at the beam, header plate and lugs for maximum strength. The deck plate, lip plate, beam sections and lugs are constructed of minimum 50-55,000 PSI yield material. Standard center deck beam and welded side guards provide additional deck plate support. The continuous rear hinge provides side-to-side tilt with no pinch point.

Air Powered Dock Levelers

The Pull-Action™ lifting system maximizes efficiency by using the entire power of the bag to lift the deck. During the loading operation, the AIRDOCK Air Powered Dock Leveler bag remains stationary and fully protected. The Auto-Descent Lip™ extension uses the natural weight of the deck to activate the lip.